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Grounding Yin Yoga
Grounding Yin Yoga

السبت، ٢٣ شعبان



Grounding Yin Yoga

Balance your Root Chakra with this Yin Yoga & Sound healing class. Guided by Danielle Bailey, we will use yin yoga poses, earth sounds, and affirmations to help you feel more grounded, centered, and aligned.

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الوقت و المكان

٢٣ شعبان ١٤٤٣ هـ، ٧:٠٠ م – ٨:١٥ م

دبي, JVC - قرية جميرا - دبي - United Arab Emirates

عن هذه الباقة

Yin yoga offers many benefits to the body and mind that may help you to alleviate pain and tension in your deep muscles and joints, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve your overall well-being. The practice of holding a pose for anything from 2 to 5 minutes, teaches you to observe emotions, thoughts, or physical sensations as they arise. 

You do not need a previous experience to enjoy Yin Yoga, everyone is welcome. 

Here is a 75 minute Yin Yoga & sound healing practice especially for balancing the root chakra. This chakra is related to our sense of security and belonging in the world. When your root chakra is healthy and flowing it means that you feel confident and safe and removes feelings of anxiety & insecurity.   

In this session, we will use yin yoga poses, earth sounds, and affirmations to help you feel more grounded and tune into this chakra which will help clear out any blockages you may have around it.

The selected yin poses & sound healing is targeted at healing the lower body such as the feet, knees, hamstrings, and quads. 

There are 3 principles of Yin Yoga.

1. Find your edge

2. Be still

3. Hold the pose

Preparation for the session:

If you are tuning in from home make sure to have the following nearby at the time of practice

- Blocks- (or thick books) 

- Bolster (or pillows and cushions) 

- Towels and or blankets 

- Eye pillow or small folded towel

About Danielle

From the young age of 14, Danielle was drawn towards spirituality when she discovered a book on Mediation, it was then that she began practicing and had her first transcendental experience which led her to delve deeper into the study of Yogic Philosophy.

Danielle is a certified sound healing teacher,  she first learned this beautiful therapy in Rishikesh and then traveled to Nepal and took a sound healing workshop with her most inspirational teacher Sri Anup from Nada Yoga School in Pokhara.

Danielle uses yoga as a tool to help students work through injuries, imbalances,  stress, anxiety and as a means to bring about a sense of peace and wellness in their lifestyle.

to know more about Danielle click here


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