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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

It is a journey through the quantum field where you tap into one or multiple lifelines that are most relevant to your present. Your highest consciousness/ Super Soul will guide you, share its wisdom, and perform deep healing, relief, and release. This journey is a unique and expansive experience on many profound levels of heart, mind, body, and soul.

QHHT will help you

  • Break free from limiting patterns (thoughts, emotions, behaviors)

  • Release negative contracts

  • Understand your karmic contracts

  • Receive wisdom and guidance from your Super Soul

  • Receive deep healing from your Super Soul (physical & emotional)

  • Understand your soul’s choices & the wisdom behind it

  • Accelerate your soul expansion

  • Explore timelines and events that are influencing your current life


The session is divided into three main parts

  • Part 01: Discovery & Discussion

  • Part 02: QHHT Journey

  • Part 03: Sharing, Recap, & Integration

Typical Session Length 2 - 4 hrs/ Available in person and online/ Rate 2,200 AED

To book please fill out the booking request form below

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